Ensuring the safety of students, staff and visitors

Creating safe and secure schools, colleges and universities

Gemsec understands the needs for access control in the Education sector. Campus security and safety are important issues at schools, colleges and universities today.

The safety of students, staff and visitors is paramount and so any security system needs to pay close attention to the places where people spend most of their time, such as residence halls, classrooms, lecture halls and offices.


Campuses are also dynamic environments with constant activity and are home to hundreds if not thousands of students and staff. As a result, an effective campus security system must address the protection of students, faculty, staff, and the safeguarding of campus property and facilities from damage or theft.


A school might also be home to sensitive research projects that require restricted access and closer scrutiny. A campus also might have other facilities that warrant special vigilance such as laboratories with valuable data, libraries with rare volumes, and walls and corridors dotted with trophies, paintings or sculptures.


At Gemsec we understand the needs schools, colleges and universities as we have many clients in this sector. We will discuss your requirements in detail and then recommend a solution that is the most appropriate for you.


Keeping your school, college or university safe during the day and secure out of hours is our top priority.

Our services include:

Access Control


We only use quality access control systems and are approved to install and maintain Paxton and ASSA Abloy SmartAir systems. You can rely on this quality to keep your pupils, staff and visitors safe but also enables people to move about the school with varying levels of access.


With an access control system you can control who can access different parts of the building such as contractors, community groups and non-school visitors more efficiently.



Our expert installation team is efficient, courteous and sympathetic to the school environment and opening hours often working in a quiet, tidy manner out of school time to minimise disruption to your working day.

Ongoing Maintenance


When a building is housing many children the doors and windows will inevitably be subject to much wear and tear. We can offer a service where every door and window is surveyed and recorded. This includes door closers and all door furniture as well as the handles, hinges and locks. An annual check is completed with simple maintenance done there and then. More complex repairs or replacements are scheduled for a later date. Also, if a door or window is damaged in between scheduled visits we will have details on record to allow us to source the damaged parts and arrange a repair as quickly as possible.



There’s nothing like being able to keep an eye on things, especially when there’s a lot at stake. Gemsec, CCTV specialists of Bristol, can offer the full range of services for anyone considering CCTV, including site surveys, system design and written quotations.


We’re only prepared to offer the best, working with a handful of selected manufacturers who give us the ideal blend of high performance and reasonable cost.


Our CCTV systems are designed to maximise visual coverage and are usually controlled by a multi-channel DVR, giving the ability to view camera images anywhere on the site via local area networks or off site via a secure broadband connection.



We work closely with architects, designers, bursars, and anyone else who needs to define a solution to a security question. You’ll find us friendly and helpful and we’ll give you a written specification which is accompanied by a fixed price quotation, enabling you to make a decision about the way forward.

Master Key Systems


Master key systems to allow one key to open a number of selected doors. We are fully trained and very knowledgeable on fire regulations and emergency exits as they apply to commercial properties.

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